Land Fitness Classes

Most classes are included in your membership and are 55 minutes, unless indicated otherwise.

Classes must have at least 2 participants within 10 minutes of the class start time, or the class will be canceled for that day.

Children under age 12 are not allowed in the aerobics studio except during classes specifically designed for the participation of children.

Youth ages 12 to 14 are encouraged to participate in group exercise classes if they are fully participating in the class.

Classes are subject to change.

*If you are interested in taking a Trekking, Trotting or TRX class, please sign up in the 3 ring binder on the fitness center desk. You can register for these classes one week in advance of the day you would like to participate.

AB Attach

Standing functional core training is combined with floor ab exercises to give you a vigorous core strengthening experience.

Active Older Adults

Great for beginners and seniors. This class is designed for those interested in a total body workout at a comfortable pace.

Arthritis Exercise

These classes are taught with activities and exercises to encourage self-care, provide social interaction, improve muscular strength, endurance and flexibility, maintain independence, manage pain and relieve symptoms of arthritis. Instructors are certified through the Arthritis Foundation.


Learn several fun sequences for toning the hips and thighs with Balanced Body Barre™. Using barres, body weight and great choreography, learn to work your lower body for maximum effect using the Balanced Body Movement Principles and inspirational music. Sequences taught can be used in any Barre or group exercise class.

Barre/Pilates Fusion

This class combines both Barre and Pilates poses.

Body Sculpting

Get the most out of each rep! Resistance strengthening exercises to help redefine your muscles using weights, balls, body bar, bands and more. See the results! Great for all fitness levels.

Cardio Chisel

Get an energizing cardiovascular workout and chisel (sculpt) your body with a variety of equipment.

Cardio Mix

Fitness variety using hi/low aerobics, step, cardio kick boxing and interval formats. Strength training with weights and exercise tubing may also be incorporated. Use HiTT, Tabata, and other cross training formats.

Coffee Cup Yoga

This fitness-based yoga class fuses high intensity moves and strengthening postures to burn fat, build lean muscle, and improve flexibility. You'll leave with a boost better than a cup of coffee can give!

Core Pilates Fusion

A Pilates based workout focusing on core strength, flexibility and total body conditioning fused with a perfect mix of cardio and body sculpting exercises designed to make you sweat! The benefits of adding Pilates to your current workout regime are endless.


Cycle classes are designed to add a great cardiovascular challenge to your weekly workout. Indoor cycling naturally challenges the body's core because of the demand for different positions. This class is great for people of all fitness levels, however the Monday/Wednesday 5:30 pm and Saturday 9:15 am classes are advanced level classes. Youth ages 12 to 14 are allowed to participate in cycling classes if accompanied by a parent and are fully participating in the class. If you are interested in taking the Cycle class, please register in person at the member information center or by phone at 405-364-9622. You may register for the Cycle class 1 1/2 hours before the class starts.

Cycle Challenge

Indoor cycling integrates motivating music, mind-body synergy and unparalleled training benefits. Members are invited to participate in these classes–from beginners to advanced and create a total-body workout that is inclusive and fun! This class adds circuit exercises to regular training drills.

Cycle/Mat Strength

HIIT cycling for the first half of the class plus mat-based strength work for the second half equals one great workout!

Cycle Plus

A high intensity, longer version of a traditional cycling class that will truly challenge your cardiovascular system and help to build endurance. The class will enjoy longer rides and/or core and interval work on or off the bike. Recommended for intermediate to advanced levels. Make sure to sign up at the member information center. Participants may sign up 90 minutes prior to the start of class.

Dance Fitness

Get your cardio while dancing to a variety of music such as pop, Broadway and hip hop.


This group training program is designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals over a 1-hournperiod of time.

Fitness 101 for Active Older Adults

Great for beginners and seniors. This class is designed for those interested in a total body workout at a comfortable pace.

Fitness Yoga

Experience yoga through a fitness approach. Focus on balance, strength, power and grace all while minimizing stress.

Mash Up

FUN. QUICK. TOTAL FITNESS. Meet your curated workout EXPERIENCE with high-energy music and holistic coaching to achieve maximum, sustainable results. Get the PERKS of mind/body (yoga/pilates), agility & strength, and high-intensity intervals for all fitness levels in EVERY class!


Exercises and breathing techniques will be used to achieve the ultimate mind-body connection. Stability and core training using the Pilates principles for strength training and flexibility. Bands or stability balls may be used in this class and mats are provided. Good for all fitness levels.

Pilates Express

Here’s a class to start your day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Basic mat Pilates work complete with core work and stretching out tired and sore muscles.


This is a low impact class for people who like to sweat. No jumping or bouncing, just continuous movement as you flow from one exercise to another for complete body conditioning. These flowing sequences increase strength, stability, stamina and flexibility.

Power Yoga

This fitness-based yoga class fuses high intensity moves and strengthening postures to burn fat, build lean muscle, and improve flexibility. You'll leave with a boost better than a cup of coffee can give!

Precision Yoga

Precision Yoga uses strength and flexibility to build stamina that lets us hold yoga poses in precise physical alignments.

Sets & Reps

A total body strength conditioning class that uses a variable weight plate-loaded barbell system. This class will work your entire body, improving muscular strength and endurance. All fitness levels are welcome.

Straight Up Step

Tone up your legs and booty by moving up and over and around the step. Developed as the way to get a high intensity, yet low impact workout. This class will improve your coordination by learning choreographed routines that make the hour fly by.


A High Intensity Interval Training class using more traditional fitness moves for a more athletic, conditioning-style workout. You use your own body weight as resistance to achieve muscle
definition. STRONG by ZUMBA® is also characterized by a unique system of progression.

Tai Chi

Has tremendous mind and body benefits for healthy living. The class begins with a short warm up before beginning the moving meditation. Working balance to prevent falls is our main goal with energy and calm control for overall good health.

Total Body Conditioning

Energetic workout including strength, cardio and core in one workout.


Trekking is group exercise on the treadmills. This class welcomes both walkers and runners and allows you to achieve your personal best with a coach at your side. Trekking classes are for members age 15 and older.


A treadmill based class designed for walkers and those that are new to trekking classes. Sign up in the fitness center. Classes are held on the first row of treadmills.


TRX is a suspension training class in which body weight exercises are used in a variety of multi-planar, compound exercise movements. Come develop strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability during our TRX classes.

TRX/Mash Up

A Mash Up class that incorporates TRX elements.


A combination of intense kick boxing and dance moves perfectly choreographed to high energy and motivating music. It’s the ultimate cardiovascular challenge that’s a unique blend of intense intervals, strength/endurance training, and a relaxing cool down.

Yoga Stretch

An express format fitness yoga class. Experience an active warm up with breathing exercises, followed by balance work and restoration. Great for those that are just starting out or for
anyone short on time who wants a great yoga workout.


No dance experience is needed for this Latin dance based fitness class! It’s fun and easy! Wear comfortable and supportive athletic shoes and get ready to sweat!


Second to none. An innovative, fun and exciting program designed for the active, older adult, the true beginner, people who are not used to exercising, or people who may be limited physically. Zumba Gold is done at a lower intensity than a standard Zumba class, and is not as fast, but certainly as fun, using the same great Latin and international music styles.