Y Recognitions

Member of the Month:
Jane Crumpley

Jane has been a member for 15 plus years and says that Y people are the best people. She has been very involved in several activities during that time.  We consider her smile a blessing to our Y community.





Member of the Month:
Susan Kelly

Susan has been a member since 1987 and says it is the only reason she is still sane. Susan has  been involved in a lot of incentives and Y activities over the years. Susan loves the Y community and always has a smile on her face. We are blessed to have her as a part of our Y community.



Employee of the Month
Johnny Harden

Department: Fitness
Johnny is always going above and beyond what is asked of him.  He works great with members and is always making sure the machines are up to the standards they should be. Thank you Johnny for being such a valuable part of not only the Y staff but of the entire Y community! Congratulations on an honor well deserved!