Member of the Month

Meta Jennings
Member Since: March 2004
Nominated by: Front Desk Staff

Meta has been a long time member of the CLEVELAND COUNTY FAMILY YMCA. She comes in regularly and is always so upbeat and friendly. Meta makes use of the entire facility and always takes time to chat and catch up with fellow members and even the staff. Her smile is contagious and she is so much fun to be around!


Employee of the Month

Kris Osmun
Department: Group Exercise

Kris has turned into an excellent DJ and matches up songs and exercise moves really well. Kris is extremely creative with the music she chooses. There is always a theme; whether just a single word or seasonality or singer just died or requests from participants, etc. She knows her music/songs well and will match exercise moves to words of the song. Also, as the song builds so will the exercises. Further, she knows when the songs are going to end so she will time the exercises so we get an even workout and not have 3 minutes on one leg and just 1 minute on the other leg. Kris mixes up the exercises and all her classes really well, as other instructors do, but she has won me over with the music and planning!