The S7 programming system features fitness training equipment that has been specifically designed and crafted for S7 programming. The S7 environment is a well-organized training space optimized for function. Equipment is stored out of the training area so it does not impede on the functional space when not in use. The optional flooring creates parking spots for equipment to keep storage tidy, and markings in the functional area create autonomous work zones. Lighting is neutral outside of programing times to convey a “blank canvas.” For each program, different equipment is utilized and rolled in/set-up prior to the start of the class. Equipment and workout dynamics/flow are different in each training program, ensuring that each Studio provides a distinct energy and purpose.

Music and lighting selections match the tone and energy of each program. Additionally, coaches are taught how to cultivate their own training persona, and how to match their pacing, projection and style to each program. 

Queenax Photo.jpg

The Queenax® system featured in the above photo, is a modular, versitile and space efficient workout system. It has the ability to easily attach, remove and reconfigure training accessories and supports a dynamic variety of suspended body weight and functional group training.

Studio 7 Equipment.jpg