Fitness Center

Ages & Attire

Young members are encouraged to begin their fitness journey early! After completion of the youth weight training class, ages 12-14 may use the fitness center.

Proper workout attire promotes safety, allows for best use of the equipment and is required at all times. Open-toed or backless shoes, sandals or boots are dangerous and prevent proper use of the machines. For your comfort, safety and the safety of others, we require athletic shoes and shirts to be worn during exercise in all workout areas of the facility.

Courtesy & Regulations

During certain hours, the fitness center is busy with many members focused on their routines. To not delay anyone’s progress and respect their time in the center, please do not rest on the machines between sets. By allowing other members to rotate sets with you, everyone’s schedule can benefit. In addition, please observe the 30 minute time limit on all cardio equipment when other members are waiting.

For both comfort and sanitation, we provide antibacterial wipes throughout the fitness center. Please use these to clean the equipment before each use.

Using free weights make a great workout, unless you can’t find them. Please re-rack weights after use for other members. Please do not drop free weights or dumbbells as it can be dangerous to you and those around you. We recommend using spotters for those heavy lifts. Ask another member or the Y staff to help you meet your goals.

Your body needs water during exercise! For your health and to prevent the facilities from becoming sticky or messy, food, flavored waters and sports drinks are not permitted. A water fountain is available and water bottles are encouraged.

Please limit the use of cell phones while in the wellness center. Make the best use of your time by staying focused.

If you are unsure how to properly use any of the equipment, ask a Y staff member, or even better, make an appointment for an orientation of the equipment room.