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We are Better Together.

We work hard to cultivate relationships with other organizations to help strengthen and give our community the support it needs to learn, grow and thrive.

Take your passion for our community to the next level by partnering with the Cleveland County Family YMCA. Whether it’s hosting a fundraiser at your establishment or providing grocery assistance to our neighbors struggling with food insecurity, the YMCA has a creative solution for all.

Partnership Interest Form

If you are interested in partnering with the Cleveland County Family YMCA, please fill out the form below!



Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma provided reusable masks and hand sanitizer to deserving families participating in our Farmers to Families, YMCA Food Pantry event during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Cornerstone Nutrition & Diabetes

Cornerstone Nutrition & Diabetes focuses on educating the community to better manage their specific dietary needs. They believe good nutrition is the cornerstone of healthy living. We look forward to celebrating Diabetes Awareness Month in November.

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Cigna provided reusable masks and hand sanitizer to deserving families participating in our Farmers to Families, YMCA Food Pantry event during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Oklahoma Blood Institute

The YMCA has partnered with the Oklahoma Blood Institute to provide space for quarterly blood drives to help save lives during this pandemic and beyond.

Pinot’s Palette

Pinot’s Palette of Norman participated in a fundraising night at the YMCA where a percentage of program fees went to our Scholarship Fund and participants got to take home a beautiful, holiday painting!

Sergio’s Italian Bistro

Sergio’s Italian Bistro is a local restaurant that partners with many non-profits in our community. Sergio is a longtime member of the Cleveland County Family YMCA and has been kind enough to have fundraisers at his restaurant. This partnership brings awareness to the importance of supporting local businesses.

The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

We’ve partnered with the RFBO to bring you a series of YMCA Food Pantry Events. Farmers to Families is USDA, disaster response, drive-through, grocery distribution service offered the 3rd Wednesday of each month to our community. 

Therapy in Motion

Therapy in Motion is an innovative outpatient physical therapy private practice with seven clinics throughout the Oklahoma area. In 2020 we partnered with them to bring you the 9 Ways to Healthy Living YouTube series. The goal of this series was to provide virtual healthy living services to our community members during quarantine.

United Way

United Way of Norman provided $5,000 in scholarship funds to Y Academy: a modified environment to traditional, in-school learning. Y Academy gave parents a safe place to send their children to learn during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Virtue Center

National Mental Health Awareness Month is in May and we promoted it by partnering with The Virtue Center to bring you a Virtual Yoga series on YouTube.

The Virtue Center is a place of help and hope for those suffering from mental health, gambling and substance abuse issues. LET’S END THE STIGMA.

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Megan Hodges | Marketing Coordinator
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