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Some Pilates Fitness Center sessions utilize a combination of Pilates Tower, Reformer, & Eco-Chair equipment. We emphasize the foundational principles of Pilates while offering modifications and variations to meet each client’s individual needs. The exercises performed will encourage full range of motion to increase flexibility while building strength & improving balance.

The Cadillac

The Cadillac combines the features of a reformer & trapeze table in one. It is clinical height and accessible to individuals with limitations. It features spring-based tension using a series of straps, foot loops, metal & wooden bars. While it differs from the Reformer in that you are on a stable surface/mat, the Cadillac is equally as challenging & can reveal imbalances in the body that need to be addressed for optimal performance.


Allegro 2 Reformers/Towers

The Allegro 2 Reformer/Tower is probably the most well-known piece of Pilates equipment. It includes a rolling carriage with springs that can be set at varying levels of resistance to challenge or provide assistance & support in training core stability and balance.



This challenging piece of equipment is the Exo-Chair. The Pilates Exo-Chair is small but mighty in its function and versatility. Like all Pilates equipment, the spring-bed tension offers a strength challenge or support depending on the client’s capabilities.


Balls, Mats & Weights

Even our “non-equipment” sessions use basic Pilates equipment featured in all Pilates therapy. Our balls, mats & weights are top of the line.

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