Pricing & Registration

If you join the CCFYMCA and register for the evolved program at the same time, we will waive your CCFYMCA join fee!

The first 100 people to sign up for the evolved. program will receive a *Locked-Rate program fee. As long as you are continuously enrolled in the evolved. program, your monthly fees will never increase. Your (1) one time $99 registration fee will include a gym bag full of evolved. products to enhance your workout experience. Inside your gym bag you will receive:

  • a MyZone® Heart Rate Monitor to use during your evolved. sessions

  • an evolved. t-shirt

  • an evolved. gym towel

  • a reusable, BPA-free water bottle

Norman Y Members

$100 monthly for 4 sessions per week

Each Additional Adult on CCFYMCA Membership

$75 monthly for 4 sessions per week

All Other Community Members

$150 monthly for 4 sessions per week

*evolved. is a program of the CCFYMCA. The Locked-Rate offer is only applicable to the evolved. program. You cannot use this offer with any other CCFYMCA programs. Offer becomes valid when registration starts and will last until the 100th member signs up. This offer can only be applied to (1) one person/membership. Enrollment must be continuous, any lapses in monthly payments will void your locked-rate program fee. Childcare is not available for the evolved. program.