With Studio 7 group training programming, you can mix & match the program(s) that best align with your health & fitness needs. All Studio 7 workouts, regardless of program style, share the same DNA Blocks. Blocks are a 4‐minute work period divided into 4 exercise phases.

Our design philosophy is unique: rather than building workouts exercise by exercise, workouts are built block by block. Blocks are associated with one of the following seven components of movement: Tissue Work, Dynamic Movement, Balance, Cardio, Strength, Power & Flexibility. You will develop autonomy and mastery in movement, which leads to satisfaction and physical transformation.



Our programming is informed by Amer Sports’ well‐researched user segmentation model, customer feedback, industry trends and best practices. At S7, we have identified 5 exerciser motivations:

  1. Burn

  2. Health

  3. Adventure

  4. Play

  5. Beat


Studio Compete:


Program Length: 60 Minutes

Max # of Participants: 16

Studio Compete is a metabolic conditioning program that combines strength work, high intensity interval training, and complex progressive skill work. It is constantly varied to keep the body guessing, but structured to ensure progressive adaptation. This program is aptly named and designed specifically for millennials and generation X who are looking way to compete with each other or themselves. They are motivated by competition, challenge, and measured progression, and they prefer variation in their training. Many former athletes enjoy this style of training 

Studio Ignite:

Burn calories and HIIT it hard 

Program Length: 60 Minutes

Max # of Participants: 16

Studio Ignite is an interval training program with progressive work-to-rest ratios that promote EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), adaptation and movement variety. The program is designed specifically for millennials, Generation X and those looking to lose or maintain a healthy body weight. Progression occurs over a four-week period, and resets each month using the same interval structure, but with different exercise selection. Workouts are delivered three days a week, each focusing on a different part of the body – total body, upper body and lower body. 

Studio Restore:


Program Length: 30 Minutes

Max # of Participants: 8

Studio Restore offers 30-minute recovery and regeneration workouts which can be implemented as a stand-alone offering to members, or as a supplemental addition to other programs they engage in. This workout focuses on mobility, stability, flexibility, and re-centering of the neuromyofascial system. It uses the following strategies to enhance the efficiency and speed of recovery of the human body: trigger point, self-myofascial release (SMR), warding patterns, dynamic integration movements, static and active stretching, and relaxation techniques.