Y Aquatic Safety Assistant (YASA)


Youth Ages 14+


This course presents the skills needed to prevent and recognize aquatic risks as well as assist lifeguards in emergency situations. Participants will become certified in CPR/BLS, First Aid, and Oxygen Administration upon completion of this course. This course is highly recommended for fitness instructors and back yard pool owners. If you would like to receive a Lifeguard Certification after you have received a YASA Certification, you will only need to take a portion of the Lifeguard Certification Course.


  • “On the Guard, the YMCA Lifeguard Manual” the 2016 edition (YPSAQ0499) is available for $33 through the Y Program Store. Call 1-800-747-0089 or go to ymcaprogramstore.com to order.

  • Swimsuit, pen, paper and photo ID

  • Extra towels and warm clothing if you tend to chill quickly


Pass the following physical competency requirements conducted on the first day of class:

Phase 1:

  • Tread Water

  • Sprint 100 yards of front crawl

Phase 2:

  • In shallow water sprint for a distance of 20’, then perform an arm-over-arm surface dive in 4’-6’ of water.

  • Pick up an object from the bottom of the pool, surface, tread water for at least 1 minute and replace the object back to the bottom of the pool

  • Swim the remaining length to the end of the pool and hoist yourself out of the water.

  • Immediately begin compression of the chest of an adult mannequin for 1 minute/100 compressions; stand and listen to directions from the instructor.


Norman Y Members & OKC Staff: $60

All Others: $80

Late Registration fee: $20


Must be current in YASA and attend the first two days of class for re-certification.


Stephanie Settle - Training & Staff Development Coordinator

(405) 364-9622 Ext. 135 or Settle@YMCANorman.org